About Me

Alexis Campbell is a certified permaculture designer and educator from Reading, PA. She is a gardener, writer, poet, crafter, fermenter, worm farmer, homesteader and roller derby skater. For the past eight years Alexis has worked in sustainable agriculture and environmental education, specializing in urban permaculture. She trained and worked at the Rodale Institute, received a PDC (2008) from Andrew Faust in NYC, and studied Growing Power’s Commercial Urban Agriculture (2010) at PGCC. Alexis also earned a Teacher of Permaculture Certificate (2012) from Dave Jacke, completed Mark Shepard’s intensive course in Restoration Agriculture (2014), and trained in Restorative Practices for Schools (2014).

In 2010, Alexis co-founded Permacultivate and Reading Roots Urban Farm, the first urban agriculture organization in Reading, PA, where she and her partners designed and built several successful aquaponic and food production systems. After leaving the organization in 2012, Alexis discovered through personal experience that resilient living begins with communing with the inner landscape. She is passionate about sharing her struggles and successes with others and strives to create social landscapes and supportive environments that encourage honesty, empathy, and whole being. She knows that none of the above really matters if she isn’t at peace with herself. She currently lives, prays, and works in Reading, PA.