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Well Designed Landscape: A Homeowner’s Golden Ticket

Rolling out the Green Carpet Hey there, home heroes! Fancy giving your yard the ultimate makeover? You know, the kind that makes your neighbors do a double take and strangers stop to snap a picture. No, we’re not talking about adding a gnome or two. We mean the big leagues: a landscape revamp! This isn’t […]

Outdoor Living Spaces: Unleash the Potential of Your Backyard

A Toasty Gathering Spot: The Cozy Fire Pit Area Hey there, neighbor! Imagine kicking back under a star-dotted sky, a warm fire crackling away, and all your favorite peeps snuggled around it. Totally dreamy, right? You can bring this magic right into your backyard, transforming it into a variety of outdoor living spaces! Just grab […]

Permaculture Principles: Nurturing Sustainability in Your Backyard

Permaculture: The Whole Shebang Hey there, green thumb! Meet permaculture – your one-stop-shop for creating sustainable systems that are in total harmony with nature. Born from the brainy world of ecology, it’s all about being besties with every organism and their environment. From plants and animals to us, homo sapiens, permaculture wants us all to […]

Quality Outdoor Furniture: The Durability & Style Guide

Materials Matter: Choosing the Superman of Outdoor Furniture Let’s get real, your quality outdoor furniture needs to be tougher than a Marvel superhero. It’s going to face everything mother nature throws at it – be it sweltering sun, relentless rain, or wild wind. To stand the test of time, you need materials that don’t mess […]

Landscape Remodeling: Impact on Home Value

Understanding the impact of landscape remodeling on your home’s value is crucial when you’re considering home improvements or planning to sell your property. A well-planned, appealing landscape not only enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal but can also significantly boost its market value. This general overview will delve into the key factors that contribute to this […]

Effective Landscape Maintenance: A Guide

As a Property Manager or board member of an HOA, do you ever catch yourself wondering if the maintenance crew is really using the best practices in maintaining the landscape? Effective landscape maintenance must consider plant health first and foremost. Longevity in your community’s landscape requires a multi-prong approach, including specific pruning methods, well-planned irrigation […]

Summertime . . . and the Watering is Easy

Well, summer has arrived and so have the drought restrictions, a regular part of living in Southern California! The Summertime Our local water municipalities are good at reminding us to water on certain days of the week. But we at Root & Branch wanted to give you some information and tips to make sure your […]

How to Choose Healthy Succulents

Shopping for succulents, especially at first, can be overwhelming with all the fanciful shapes and amazing colors. But how do you know if the plant that’s caught your eye is a healthy one that you want to bring home to add to your garden or collection? First, does the plant have nice, fat leaves? Many […]