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How to Choose Healthy Succulents

Shopping for succulents, especially at first, can be overwhelming with all the fanciful shapes and amazing colors. But how do you know if the plant that’s caught your eye is a healthy one that you want to bring home to add to your garden or collection? First, does the plant have nice, fat leaves? Many […]

Fun at the Nursery

Plant nurseries, you either love’m or hate’m. Personally I LOVE them. Yes, I’m a total plant nerd, but I also understand how plant nurseries work.     The fun, showy plant material is always front and center. Think of this area as grocery store end caps with the seasonal stuff that makes us excited for […]

Landscape Design 101

We’ve all been home for a while now, staring out our windows at what surrounds us. If you’re like most people, your view may be less than impressive. Or at least in need of “sprucing” up. Several people have asked me, “Where do I begin?” Well, here goes…     You need a plan. The […]

The Fallacy of Turf

As a child I spent summer days laying on the grass in the backyard, staring up at the blue sky with not a care in the world. My biggest concern would be if a half hour after lunch had yet passed so I could continue to swim “laps” in the blow up pool. I remember […]

“How to” Plant a Container Garden

There are few things in life that bring me as much joy as a beautiful container with thoughtfully arranged planting material. Hmmm, well maybe a good bottle of red wine or a vodka martini, oh, sorry, never mind.   Start with a clean container. If you’re re-using a pot, wash it well, inside and out, […]