Learn. Grow. Thrive

Root & Branch offers permaculture design & education services to families, schools, and businesses in Berks County.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture Design is a holistic perspective, applied practice, and problem solving toolkit that encourages well being by working with, not against, nature’s intelligence.

My Mission

Root & Branch’s mission is to foster health, resilience, and community through permaculture by demonstrating solutions, providing integrative learning experiences, and serving individuals, families, and businesses in Berks County.

Abundant living is possible. Let me help you uncover your own unique path to a fruitful life.

Within each living being, a natural intelligence resides.  Seeds lay dormant, waiting patiently until they discover fertile ground.  Birds, fish, mammals, and insects all instinctively know when to begin their annual journeys. Whether a groundhog, a salamander, or a willow tree, each creature is inextricably linked to its own biology and its environment.  We too, inherently know the importance of place; of home, community, and natural resources as we strive for security and well-being through shelter, food, family, acknowledgement, or monetary gain.

Root & Branch is founded in deep ecology, permaculture, and personal experiences.  I believe that well-being begins with understanding and accepting myself as well as the world around me: my local ecology. By digging deep into myself and reaching out to my community I have discovered a design for living that brings me joy, peace, connection and well-being.  My goal is to share my experiences, support others in their journeys, and build community along the way.

Learn. Grow. Thrive.